Health care summit streaming live

Health care summit streaming live via the excellent Association of Health Care Journalists.  Or from The White House.  (11:45 Both appear to be down and the moment.)

For live blogging: a view from the right at the Cato Institute and a view from the left at the Daily Kos.

Also, it is worth noting that health care reform marches on in Massachusetts without action in Congress.

See the Globe’s story today about one group of doctors sending  most of their patients to a hospital willing to coordiate care with primary care docs. (Disclosure: I am a Harvard Vanguard patient.)

Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates said it has started sending many of its Boston patients to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, unless the patients have a prior relationship with a doctor at the Brigham, where Harvard Vanguard doctors have referred nearly 100 percent of Boston patients for years.

Dr. Gene Lindsey – chief executive of Harvard Vanguard’s parent organization, Atrius Health – said he felt the organization could better coordinate care at Beth Israel Deaconess, partly because the hospital has agreed to send patients back to their primary care doctor or a specialist at Harvard Vanguard after their inpatient stay, rather than keep them in the more expensive hospital system.

Atrius, which has more than 800 doctors, is also shifting many of its new orthopedic referrals to New England Baptist Hospital from Faulkner Hospital, which is part of the Brigham. Atrius doctors did 1,000 procedures at the Baptist last year; Lindsey said he expects that number to double this year, a move driven in part by the Baptist’s success at reducing surgical infections.

There is also a substory here about the expansion of digital health care.  Read here from John Halamka’s blog. 


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