Why Mass Voters Rejected Senate Health Bill

You might be surprised. According to a poll by Move On, quite a few of them didn’t think it went far enough – even among those who voted for Brown.

After the Massachusetts special election, MoveOn and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee commissioned a poll of Massachusetts voters who backed President Barack Obama in 2008 but supported Brown or didn’t vote.

Among those who voted for Brown, the poll found that 48 percent opposed the Senate health care bill — and 36 percent of them said it was because the legislation didn’t go far enough, as opposed to 23 percent who felt the bill went too far.

Among the Obama supporters who stayed at home, 53 percent said the Senate legislation didn’t go far enough in reforming the system, while just 8 percent said it went too far.

The poll also showed overwhelming support — 82 percent — for a government-operated health insurance plan similar to Medicare that would compete with private offerings.

Politico reports that some progressives are looking at the demise of the Senate bill as an opportunity to push for broader reform.

Plenty of Democrats viewed the Massachusetts Senate upset as a message to move cautiously. But some are convinced Scott Brown’s victory sent just the opposite message, which means the sort of intraparty power struggle that got nasty during the health care debate isn’t likely to go away anytime soon.

This week, progressive groups that ran ads pushing Democratic moderates to embrace sweeping reform efforts are expected to launch a new round of ads that are likely to target the party’s already vulnerable incumbents.



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