Harvard Pilgrim for Governor

     It does have the magic “H” word in its name. (Not the be confused with   Harvard Vanguard, a group of now unrelated clinics and health centers.) From today’s Globe:

A Boston Globe analysis of contributor reports shows that in seven months (Republican Charlie) Baker’s campaign raised more than $122,000 in contributions tied directly to Harvard Pilgrim (health insurer.) This includes not only $43,000 in contributions from Harvard Pilgrim’s employees, directors, and affiliated companies, but also a broad array of vendors: its accountants, auditing firm, advertising agency, information technology providers, and consultants.

In backlash news, see the item in the NY Times Prescriptions blog/column on how no one loves the Mass plan anymore.  

   Health care legislation in Washington may be stalled, but that has not stopped  legislatures in more than two-thirds of the states from objecting to one of its central planks: a requirement that everyone buy health insurance.

The objections, many of them driven by the Tea Party movement, may turn out to be largely symbolic. But they nonetheless serve notice to President Obama and the Democrats of real anger over their health care plans and signal the potential for political upheaval down the road.

These measures, which are in various stages of ripening in about 36 states, could also pave the way for a major court challenge.

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