Barney Frank has second thoughts on health reform bill

First, check out the latest edition of Health Wonk Review, which this week comes with an Avatar theme and plenty of pontificating on the outcome of Mass Senate race.

So, it was hard to find and you have to scroll down on this page to read it, but the Globe’s Susan Milligan reports that Rep. Barney Frank — who said the health bill is dead — has had second thoughts.

WASHINGTON – In the land of spin and message management, Representative Barney Frank offered a startlingly blunt mea culpa yesterday, saying he was just wrong when he called health care overhaul “dead’’ in Congress.

Frank, a Newton Democrat unabashed about letting colleagues and reporters know when he believes they are wrong, issued a lengthy statement saying he had been overly “pessimistic’’ in decreeing the legislation moribund. Frank had earlier given a radio interview in which he said the election of Republican Scott Brown to the Massachusetts Senate seat meant health care was “dead.’’

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