US surgeons, hospitals needed to treat Haitian earthquake survivors

Even if the earthquake had left Haiti’s health care system intact, the hospitals and providers there would be in crisis. The country never had the resources to treat the volume and complexity of the patients now dying at their doors. Massive injuries, a nonfunctioning trauma system and extreme poverty. A nightmare of pain and grief for thousands.(For details see the Globe’s coverage of the scene and the medical teams on the way. NPR also reports.

Partners in Health, with its deep in-country presence, is on the ground. The group is looking for U.S. hospitals to take patients who need treatment right away, according to the Globe.  (PIH regularly bring Haitians to Boston hospitals for complex care.)

At the moment, PIH is most in need of people who can offer surgical skills or supplies. Money is good too. From PIH’s Stand With Haiti page.

We are deeply grateful for the multitude of people who have contacted us wanting to provide medical assistance, medicine and supplies. While we wish we could use all of the support so generously offered, we urgently need the following:

Orthopedic surgeons, trauma surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists, OR nurses, post-op nurses, and surgical technicians. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate any volunteers without significant surgical or trauma training and experience. If your qualifications match our needs, please fill out this form.

Orthopedic supplies, surgical consumables (sutures, bandages, non-powdered sterile gloves, syringes, etc), blankets, tents, and large unopened boxes of medications. Unfortunately, we cannot accept small quantities or unused personal medications. People with private planes willing to fly medical personnel and/or large quanities of supplies are also greatly needed. To donate any of the above goods, please fill out this form.


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