Reformers Rally Here, Opponents Head for the Hill

Health reform proposals are constantly morphing, so it’s hard to keep track of who is supporting what.  This week, various combinations of overlapping local reform advocates are planning two different rallies. 

Some in Boston are targeting the insurance industry “for driving up premiums and opposing equitable health reform.” So, they’ll be gathering outside the Mass Association of Health Plans at noon on Thursday. The coalition has a heavy union presence but includes groups with positions that sit on various points in the health reform spectrum — from single-payer advocates to mandate coverage supporter: Greater Boston Labor Council, North Shore Labor Council, SEIU Local 615,, Mass-Care, Health Care for America Now, Jobs with Justice, Northeast Action

 Then, a somewhat different group will be out in front of Sen. Kerry’s office tonight to demand that immigrants be included in the health plan. Supporters include Health Care for America Now, NALAAC Massachusetts Chapter, Massachusetts, Health Care for All, MIRA Coalition, Commonwealth Care, Irish Immigration Center and Jobs with Justice.

 Health reform opponents are off to Capitol Hill for a rally this afternoon. Buses headed out this morning from the Mid-Atlantic to Virgina — but none from New England.


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