Boston meeting Monday on aging and health

WBUR’s Commonhealth features a post from Walter Leutz of  Brandeis University who” describes the current challenges facing the state as the population ages and faces more chronic illnesses and rising health-care costs. ” 

He will speak Monday December 14, at a health policy forum in Boston, “Healthy Aging in the Commonwealth: Pathways to Lifelong Wellness:” 

This from a brief he wrote for the meeting:  

In the next few decades the U.S., including the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, will experience a rapid aging of its population and related rises in chronic illnesses, disability, health care and long-term care costs, and demands on family caregivers. The changes will challenge our care and financing systems. However, this should not be seen as a gloom and doom scenario. 

Rather, we should celebrate the advances in health care, public health, and economic status thathave made it possible to extend life expectancy far beyond what it was a century ago. Moreover, there is ever-stronger evidence that the “price of success” for living longer does not need to be added years of chronic illness and disability, as some feared.    


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