Children’s Hospital wins in expansion of stem cell research

The Globe runs a Wash Post story today reporting that the feds have approved the use of a stem cell line created at Children’s Hospital. 

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration yesterday approved the first human embryonic stem cells for experiments by federally funded scientists under a new policy designed to dramatically expand government support for one of the most promising but also most contentious fields of biomedical research.

The National Institutes of Health authorized 11 lines of cells produced by scientists at Children’s Hospital in Boston and two lines created by researchers at the Rockefeller University in New York. All were obtained from embryos left over by couples seeking treatment for infertility.

…The move was hailed by supporters of the research as a long-awaited watershed that would finally allow scientists to start using millions of dollars in taxpayer money to study hundreds of lines of cells that had been put off-limits by President Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, on moral grounds

Here’s the insider story from the hospital:

A small group of us here in George Daley’s lab were listening in to the NIH press conference over the speaker phone. I couldn’t help but clap my hands and cheer! A lot of us have worked toward this moment for a long time.


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