Coakley, Capuano and keeping up with health reform

As health reform churns its way through Congress, BHN recommends Kaiser Health News and the Washington Post web site as good places to get updates. 

Also, the latest edition of  Health Wonk Review offers lots of news, blog postings and a bit of humor about health reform that you won’t find in the usual places, including those  listed above. Hosted by Colorado Health Insurance Advisor, it includes posts on the House bill, on the uninsured and one a bloggers conference call with Joe “You lie!” Wilson Plus, it includes cartoons from “The Simpsons.”  For the HWR archive, click here.  

Also, check out the Alliance for Health Reform for in-depth analysis. These days, it seems like everyone is an expert on health reform. The folks at All Health really are. They’ve been at it since 1991.

For the activist views, check out the conservative opponents to any additional government involvement in health plans, the liberal supporters of health reform, the single-payer champions and Obama’s own page.

For the local angle, Globe and WBUR offer the best coverage. Of note today — the candidates for Kennedy’s Senate seat get caught up in the reform/abortion debate.  

Here’s the latest from the Globe’s Metro Desk blog.

mike capuanoUS Representative Michael E. Capuano, in a significant departure from his forceful arguments a day earlier, said today that he would vote against a final health care bill if it includes a provision restricting federal funding for abortion.

Capuano, who voted for the bill in the House on Saturday, had blasted Senate race rival Martha Coakley on Monday for saying that the abortion provision was so unpalatable it was worth sinking the coakleyoverall package.

But today the Somerville Democrat said that his vote Saturday was merely to advance the legislation so it could be amended later, not an indication of his final political judgment.


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