Mass residents still like the state’s health insurance program

…just not as much.

Support for the program has actually dropped a bit. This from a Globe/Harvard poll.

Public support for Massachusetts’ closely watched health insurance overhaul has slipped over the past year, a new poll indicates, but residents still support the path-breaking 2006 law by a 2-to-1 ratio.

The comments on this sound like a town hall meeting — except no on had to show up. There are the ranters. There are resonable critics of the plan but you won’t find many here, at least not by 8:20 a.m.  My favorite — God is against it.

Which is to say, they put off solving the actual problem for a resume-padding scam of a system, designed by people who all already had excellent health insurance..

We pay more and wait longer than any other state. And this is what Obama wishes to unleash on the rest of the unwilling “bitter clingers”. (sic)

Meanwhile, the program is bankrupt, the people being forced to buy coverage are bankrupt – but the insurance companies get rich and the politicians get to say they are doing something good. This is an obscenity.


The decaying support for the Massachusetts health initiative is pale in comparison to the boondoggle being fashioned in Washington. Those that REALLY love it still thinks it’s something for nothing. Just wait until these hacks on Beacon Hill try to raise even more taxes for the inevitable shortfall. Universal Healthcare = Cruel hoax.


I don’t like it and I’m tired of paying for other people’s insurance. 

And if for religious reasons the insurance is unacceptable, well since our GOD doesn’t approve it, we won’t have to pay the penalties either. I’m waiting for doctors and school teachers to be paid the same.

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