NYTimes: Tom Daschle and his evil twin

The NY Times had a schizophrenic moment this weekend. On Sunday, one story suggested that unofficial Obama health advisor Tom Daschle was inappropriately pushing reforms that will benefit his private clients. Another said his absence is one reason health reform is stalling.  They ran right next to each other.

Having worked at a newspaper or two, I know these things happen. Your colleague on another desk is working on the same story and you don’t know about it. But, BHN found it  amusing, and would link to it but  could not find the blog post on the NYTimes web page. Either we’re missing it, it never ran online or they took it down. (I’ll ask.)

 Here’s how it went.

 The front page story on troubling conflicts of interest for Daschle continued on an inside page devoted to the health care debate. The left column featured entries from the “Prescriptions”  blog, leading with this one:  

 “Any death watch for health care overhaul may be premature…If it does fail, here may be some of the commonly cited causes.” The first one is “The absence of Former Sen. Tom Daschle, Democrat deeply knowledgeable about health care and the Senate.” 

 Lobbyist or thwarted champion of reform? Can he be both?


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