Health career/EMT training scams

First, the alleged Obama “death panel” has been soundly debunked. See KHN’s morning roundup.

So, no new health care jobs there. But, a lot of people are looking for new careers. I get a lot of spam about training programs for nurses and techs. I imagine some of them are scams. Buyer beware– look for accreditation.

EMT’s skipping their training isn’t exactly the same thing, but it does amount to cutting corners on life or death training. Would you want these guys responding to your 911 call? From the Globe.

The former Hamilton police chief and three other men who allegedly falsified emergency medical training and attempted to cover it up as investigators closed in on them were arraigned this morning in Salem Superior Court.

Walter D. Cullen, the former chief, was charged with two counts of Emergency Medical Services violations, and single counts of procurement fraud and larceny over $250. According to authorities, Cullen, 64, said during an investigation that he had taken required emergency training at the Essex Fire Department in 2006, but the investigation revealed that he was on vacation in Denver and San Diego during that time period and that his son-in-law, Sean Cullen, had actually signed in for him.

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