Me, my mom, my kid and breast cancer + health reform reality checks

(I think technically that should say “My mom, my kid and I” but “me” sounds better here. )

Kaiser Health News has a good roundup of stories this morning on the response to the anti-health reform Teabaggers. The NY Times refers to a new WH web page called “Health Insurance Reform Reality Check.”

 Also, will the La Leche League save me from breast cancer? My mom didn’t nurse but I did. She had BC in her 50s. Check out this Globe story on a BWH study but remember – with epidemiology studies like this one, there is no proof of cause and effect. In other words you can’t say breastfeeding reduces cancer risk in women with a family history of the disease. You can say that women with a family history who breast feed are less likely to get BC that those who do not, according to one study.  There may be something else about these women that lowers their risk, but this study SUGGESTS breast feeding had something to do with it. See this story on epi studies via the fab Association of Health Care Journalists.

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