Health Reform Gone Wild!

— A story from the NYTimes on a secret White House deal on drug prices. Seems the $80 billion present from the drug makers came with strings attached. Duh.

Drug industry lobbyists reacted with alarm this week to a House health care overhaul measure that would allow the government to negotiate drug prices and demand additional rebates from drug manufacturers.

In response, the industry successfully demanded that the White House explicitly acknowledge for the first time that it had committed to protect drug makers from bearing further costs in the overhaul. The Obama administration had never spelled out the details of the agreement.

july 17 protest
photo by caveman92223 via flickr

— Scenes from the health reform shout down. The Globe reports.



This photo is from a July 17 protest  in  California.

More here

I notice that a lot of the people at these protests look old enough to qualify for Medicare, which is a government-run health program. Seems  not all of them realize this, inspiring a spew of outrage from the Huff Po.

  — If you are interested in a less frothing debate on hemasthead-hwralth reform, check out the Health Wonk Review, a twice monthly digest of intelligent health blog postings. At the very end you’ll find my post on doctors fighting gift bans and conflicts of interest rules.

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