Mass. warning on BPA baby bottles and the brothers Koh

The state is urging parents to stop using BPA baby bottles.

DPH is specifically advising mothers of children up to two years old to avoid the use of products that contain BPA for making or storing infant formula and breast milk. Current research suggests that BPA levels in newborns may be much higher than in adults. While researchers caution that more research needs to be conducted, it seems prudent to reduce exposures for pregnant and breastfeeding women to the extent possible in order to reduce levels in their newborn children.

And, the Globe offers story about former state health commish Howard Koh. He who now works for Obama along with his lawyer brother.

Howie is board-certified in four fields, which apparently is very rare. I took the bar in three states,’’ said Harold, acknowledging their mutual ambition.

“People regularly get our names confused and think I’m the lawyer and he’s the doctor,’’ said Howard, in what is believed to be their first joint interview since the Edgewood Echo at Edgewood School in New Haven covered Howard’s run for sixth-grade class president. (His winning slogan: “Go for Koh.’’)



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