What the senator will say at the beach, via KHN

jersey shore oceanSome “talking points” emerge as lawmakers head for holidays. This and audio from Kaiser Health News:

Which phrase best describes Democrats’ ideas on overhauling the health care system: a) a government takeover of health care, or b) a way to lower costs and improve the quality of care delivered? Is the proposal a) a package of tax hikes that will cripple small businesses, or b) a way to save families $1,800 a year?

Those are just a few of the talking points crafted by Democratic and Republican leaders for Congress members to use during the August recess. 


I went to a party last weekend. When I told people I write about health,  almost everyone asked  – will reform pass and will it be good?  

Usually they change the subject, say something negative about “the media” or ask me about an ailment.

My answer: Something will pass. It will be better but incomplete. Hopefully, they’ll be able to tweak it into something better than what we have now – a mess. It will take a while, but this is as close as anyone’s gotten to real health reform since I’ve been covering it.

A week later, that looks less certain to me. One thing is for sure — boat njeveryone is a health reform expert these days. Some of what I hear sounds like uninformed speculation. Some is sheer madness. Don’t get me started on the ads. If you’re new to the topic, be smart. Do your homework. The links here will help.


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