Health reform activism, left and right

BHN received an announcement of this event, scheduled for Thursday at noon on the steps of the State House. Sponsors include: Mass-Care, Jobs With Justice, Mass Nurses Association Physicians for a National Health June 2009 dump 192Plan and Our Bodies Ourselves,

On July 30th, Medicare turns 44. To celebrate, attend a rally to ask Governor Patrick and candidates Charlie Baker and Christy Mihos to give America the gift of Medicare For All! …Expanding Medicare to cover everyone in America would mean lower health care costs, better medical treatment, and improved access to vital health services for all of us!Join us to ask candidates to give the gift of universal health care to our country!”

 The single payer folks aren’t the only health care advocates voting with their feet. Last week a group of unions and other supporters of the Obama health plan protested outside the offices of the Mass Association of Health Plans to drive this point home.  

 As Congress discusses how to fix our broken health care system those who profit off of our current mess are trying to prevent real health care reform. The insurance companies are spending tens of millions of dollars to lobby our representatives and misinform the public.!

Each event seems to support a somewhat different approach – Obama style with a public plan v. single payer. Each is supported by different, but overlapping, coalitions. But, they both link back to the Jobs with Justice web site.  

 While there hasn’t been much action locally, Tea Party conservatives have been busy too.

 Join your fellow Tea Party Patriots as we begin the next phase in our action plan to fight Government Take over of our Health Care. We are making calls to melt Congress’ Phone Lines this week, planning Tea Party Patriots Health Care Freedom Town Halls, and walking our neighborhoods to engage our neighbors in this fight.


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