Boston Globe: Biotech lobbyists and other health reform updates

Obama was busy pushing health reform on Monday and Foon Ree did a nice job following him on the Globe’s Political Intelligence blog.  

Trying to get healthcare overhaul back on track, Obama took a populist bent, asserting that big insurers and pharmaceutical firms and other special interests are reaping huge benefits from the existing healthcare system, while American families struggle.

Unless healthcare is reformed, he said, families will pay more and more of their income for less and less care.

The blog also includes a transcript of Obama’s morning comments.

Also in the Globe, a story on biotech and pharma lobbying efforts.

Biotech firms, big pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, doctors, and players from every corner of the US healthcare industry are working hard to protect profits, as the government seeks ways to hold down the cost of expanding health insurance to all Americans   

See related post on Kennedy and the fight over generic biotech drugs.


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