Reporters: Pin Obama down on health reform details

From the Columbia Journalism Review

Veteran health journalist Trudy Lieberman says the press needs to get some details out of the president when he makes comments like “Inaction is not an option”.

Comforting words perhaps to the public, many of whom believe that some massive overhaul of the health system is about to spring forth; and maybe even to members of Congress, who apparently are desperate for some presidential gravitas as the special interests tighten their grip over legislative language.

But do the words translate into support for such reform flashpoints as a public plan option resembling Medicare, or some wishy-washy version that might be held in reserve if the regular insurance market fails to work properly? Or taxing employer-provided health benefits? Or an individual mandate that would require everyone to carry insurance even if that means a family must forego some other necessity or pay a tax penalty?



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