Blog roundup: Employers and health reform

masthead-hwrI’m always impressed at the range of perspectives to emerge every two weeks in the Health Wonk Review, a collection of blog posts.  The latest edition – hosted by the BNET Healthcare Blog –looks at the role of employers in health reform. As always, you’ll find comments from economists, health policy experts, lawyers, consumer advocates and journalists.

I’ve been reading a book about US presidents and health reform – Heart of Power by James Monroe and David Blumenthal. (Yes, that David Blumenthal.) For better and worse, employer-sponsored insurance has defined the U.S. health care system since the New Deal.

I just finished the chapter on LBJ and the tortuous passage of Medicare. To me, Wilbur Mills was a drunk politician who hung out with a notorious stripper pal. (He later sobered up.) But, he was also the powerful chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, who LBJ courted to get Medicare passed. Reading about politicking around Medicare can get a bit tedious.  But, it prepared me for this morning’s Boston Globe story on the ongoing Congressional debate.

The race in Congress to pass bipartisan healthcare legislation this summer hit a rough spot yesterday as key senators raised doubts about whether they could sort out complex policy disagreements in time.

Find a round up of stories on Washington happenings on Kaiser Health News.

The Globe story led the KHN entry but got stuck inside the Globe A section in favor of a front page story on insurance exec Charlie Baker’s announcement of his run for governor.

Finally, see the Geek Doctor blog for the insider’s view of what’s happening with the HIT standards panel.

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