What health reform means to you and other updates

This is a handy site for people who are totally confused about what health care reform will mean to them. 

Meanwhile, there is so much going on in DC this week, the news changes faster than the H1N1 count. So I’m going to direct you to some sites with reporters on Capitol Hill. Also check out the links below in my Health Wonk Review posting.

Also, see my links to the right for other good spots to check in, including  the WSJ health blog , NPR health coverage, Kaiser news page  and of course, the Globe, which today brought us this update, including a report on Sen. Kennedy’s absence from this week’s talks.  

Kennedy, chairman of the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, is leaning toward creating a widely available Medicare-style public insurance option. But Baucus, the Finance Committee chairman, strongly favors a bipartisan solution – and Republicans consider Kennedy’s public plan an intolerable threat to the private insurance industry…

A Kennedy aide told Lisa Wangsness that the senator  is “balancing his work on health care reform with his treatment plan, but he’s not planning to be back on the Hill this week.”

Also FYI:  Single payer advocates — including locals activist docs David Himmelstein and Marcia Angell — are supposed to meet with Sen. Baucus (D-Montana) today. (You heard it first here.)

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