Preventing swine flu: How to wash your hands

This morning, my son told me “I’m getting better a washing my hands.”  What he meant was – maybe I don’t have to harass him every morning to do it before he goes out.  Thank you swine flu.

But, I pointed out that he could pick up some expert techniques from this morning’s Globe. (Yes, there was a Globe this morning.)

The Metro section has a fun story and a video of the state’s chief epidemiologist, Alfred DeMaria, demonstrating how to properly wash your hands.

People say, ‘Well, you know, this is kind of trivial,’ ” DeMaria said of his hygiene tips. “The fact is, if you do these things, you can reduce transmission in your own family and your own community. And when you have something like swine flu, where we really don’t know where it’s going to go or what it is exactly, it’s so important that everybody do that now.”

If you need to dry clean the shirt you’re wearing, you might want to have a box of tissues handy because there is a related public health push to get people to cough into their sleeves.

Maine ENT Ben Lounsbury has produced a video under the name OtoRhinoLounsburgology Productions entitled “Why Don’t We Do It In Our Sleeves.”

It can be enjoyed by individuals, but it is even more fun to watch in groups, resulting in community reinforcement. It has been used in hospitals and schools with great success. It actually makes people change the way they cough and sneeze.

Don’t miss the sequel on hand washing – Soap in the City. I kid you not. I found links to both on the Massachusetts Department of Health website.


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