H1N1: BU’s Ozonoff on how scared you should be

WBUR has an interview with epidemiologist David Ozonoff of the BU School of Public Health, who, as always, speaks much sense. He says hospital ER’s are not ready for – new jargon – a “surge” of cases  

(Update: White House says otherwise.)


WBUR:  We probably have succeeded in worrying people. How serious a threat are we facing in the coming weeks? Is there a storm coming? 

OZONOFF: I think the threat that we’re facing is sort of a known, familiar and practical kind of thing. Which is that any virus that can make a lot of people even a little bit sick puts a real strain on our resources. That’s our fault, that’s not the virus’ fault.

It’s our fault that we have disinvested in the kind of community infrastruture that we need to take care of each other. So I think we need to be very concerned by the fact that we’ve left ourselves unprepared.

Read or listen to the rest here.


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