Boston Marathon medics and truckin’ down Comm Ave.

(Sorry, I went to a The Grateful Dead show this weekend. I will spare you any long, strange trip puns.)  

WBUR’s Martha Bebinger had a nice piece on Marathon medics yesterday:

BOSTON – For runners, the Boston Marathon – the oldest in the country, with Heartbreak Hill and storied champions – is legendary. In public health circles, it’s known as one of the largest planned mass casualties in the country.

Roughly 1,300 medical responders are mobilizing on the morning of the marathon, ready to treat an expected 8,900 runners whose bodies will crack in the strain of running 26.2 miles.

Also, check out the Globe’s great photos of the day. I took my tween and his pal down to the finish line. Copley Square was jammed but it was fun for us to walk the end of the course and cheer on the middle of the pack  as they came into Back Bay: You can do it!…You’re almost there.”


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