Breast cancer in developing countries

Update 4/16 — Webcast of the event

I didn’t intend to become a HSPH calendar of events this week, but this one stood out.  Plus, Jim Smith — who reported on Latin America  before coming to Boston — has the back story on in today’s Globe

Felicia Marie Knaul, a Harvard-trained global health economist living in Mexico, was 41 when she received a diagnosis of breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy. She responded by launching a nationwide early-detection project for breast cancer and sharing her own story of hair loss, chemotherapy, reconstructive surgery, and emotional survival.

This evening, when Knaul appears at a forum at the Harvard School of Public Health to discuss her work in Mexico, she’ll have a champion on stage with her. The host will be her husband, Julio Frenk, a leading global health policy specialist who became dean of Harvard’s School of Public Health in January.

“I have an ally in many, many senses,” Knaul said.

“All of the work to start the program, and most of the presentations, we did as a couple, with Julio speaking very openly about his experiences as a partner of a woman with breast cancer, and how to provide the dignity a woman needs, especially when she’s going through something like this.”

Frenk said he felt the forum would be an appropriate way for him and Knaul to introduce themselves to the Boston medical community because the personal issue they confronted as a couple is so closely aligned with his policy priorities as he takes the helm at the graduate school.

“All my life I have studied the health system. It’s been very revealing for me to be on the other side, on the receiving side, and to feel what a patient has to go through in diagnosis and treatment. It’s given me a whole different perspective of my patient – the health system,” Frenk said in an interview.







Tuesday, April 14
4:15-5:45 PM
Harvard School of Public HealthPPPHP_BC_smaller (PPPHP_BC_4.14.09_smaller.jpg)
Kresge Building, Snyder Auditorium
677 Huntington Avenue, Boston


Julio Frenk
Dean and T & G Angelopoulos Professor of Public
Health and International Development, HSPH

Felicia Marie Knaul
Senior Economist, Mexican Health Foundation
Director, Breast Cancer: Tómatelo a Pecho

Jennifer Leaning
Co-Director, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative
Professor of the Practice of Global Health, HSPH
Associate Professor of Medicine, HMS

Lawrence Shulman
Chief Medical Officer and Sr. Vice-President for
Medical Affairs, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Associate Professor of Medicine, HMS

Walter Willett
Chair of the Department of Nutrition and
Fredrick John Stare Professor of Epidemiology
and Nutrition, HSPH

A webcast and podcast will be available after the event.


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