A new Boston news site on medical devices

I’ve started doing a weekly round-up for a business news site – These folks recognize that the medical device industry has a huge role in our lumbering health care system

             It moves markets, creates jobs and is an invaluable economic engine for the region. And it’s not just The Bay State. Thriving medical device clusters have popped up all over New England.

They went live on Monday. The site offers a Q&A with the head of the state Life Sciences Center and profiles of companies and inventors. One story describes the device industry as a “safe harbor” in hard times.

…(T)here are signs of hope for medical device and diagnostics companies, as nervous investors seek quicker returns than pharma or other life science firms can offer.

Experts say the local job market for medical device professionals remains comparatively strong, despite the downturn, and the New England device industry remains an attractive target for government grants and other efforts to stimulate innovative sectors of the economy.

Don’t they hope that holds up.

I stumbled into writing for the trade press years ago when I wanted to move to D.C. One of my newspaper editors raised his eyebrow and said Through the revolving door, ehh? Not at all. Sites like offer journalism, not PR. It’s not a newsletter from an institution or a cheerleader for the industry.

 So, check it out. My weekly includes a bit from BHN, but mostly new material, including some actual reporting.


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