Wonks, connectors and a scammer-turned-activist

masthead-hwrThe new edition of the “Health Wonk Review” celebrates opening day with a Yogi Berra edition. This roaming, bimonthly digest of health blogs comes, this time, from the Health Access WeBlog in California.

Berrra says he really didn’t say everything he said. But, the comments attributed to him do seem to offer wisdom for health reformers. Such as: “You’ve got to be careful if you don’t know where you’re going ’cause you might not get there.”

  Also note that the Mass Connector continues to be fodder for the health reform debate. From PBS, Frontline’s March 31 “Sick in America” program covers it in a segment called “Change is Coming.”  This week’s National Journal “Experts Blog” also takes on mandated health insurance. Here at home, a 4/2 story in the Globe talks about how big corporations — like Stop & Shop and Wal-Mart –are relying on the state program to provide insurance for their workers.    

Finally, the NY Times reports on the troubled past of conservative health reform critic Richard Scott.  

   Once lauded for building Columbia/HCA into the largest health care company in the world, Mr. Scott was ousted by his own board of directors in 1997 amid the nation’s biggest health care fraud scandal. The company’s guilty plea and payment of $1.7 billion to settle charges including the overbilling of state and federal health programs was taken as a repudiation of Mr. Scott’s relentless bottom-line approach.

 … “He’s a great symbol from our point of view,” said Richard J. Kirsch, the national campaign manager for Health Care for America Now. “We cannot have a better first person to attack health care reform than someone who ran a company that ripped off the government of hundreds of millions of dollars.”



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