The business of Partners v. Partners as a group of non-profit teaching hospitals

Consider Monday’s Globe op-ed from Dr. James J. Mongan, CEO of Partners HealthCare, on how to cut costs.

…(W) e are not the only state experiencing healthcare cost increases; this is a national issue, and there are no villains or easy answers to the problem.


A recent Boston Globe series on pricing and Partners: ” A handshake that made healthcare history

Partners HealthCare was born in 1993, but its powerhouse potential didn’t fully hit home until 2000. That’s when the emerging giant cut a quiet deal with Blue Cross to ratchet up insurance costs across the state. Nothing in Massachusetts healthcare has been the same since.

In trying to figure whether there is contradiction or synergy between these two items, I came across NH-based Kevin Pho, a Nashua blogging doc has his own ideas about the Partners and heatlh care costs.  

I don’t blame Partners for maximizing their revenue. They know that no other city in the country can boast two nationally ranked academic institutions, and take advantage of that fact to bully the insurance companies. It’s smart business.

Those that are unhappy with the situation – insurance companies, competing hospitals, and health policy wonks looking to control health care costs – need to rein in patient demand for their services. Educate the public that community hospitals can provide care equal to, or better than, MGH and the Brigham in routine cases.


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