Vermont link to Supreme Court ruling on FDA liability

Big Supreme Court ruling. This from The Washington Post site:

The Supreme Court today ruled in favor of a woman who had her arm amputated after an improper injection of an antinausea drug and said drugmakers could not rely on federal regulation to protect them from lawsuits brought under state consumer protection laws.

The court ruled 6-3 that Congress did not mean to shelter drugmakers such as Wyeth Pharmaceuticals from the kind of lawsuits brought by Diana Levine of Vermont, who developed gangrene after a physician’s assistant injected the drug Phenergan into an artery.

For more on musician Diana Levine, see the bio on the web site for her company, ReBop Records

This from her bio:

 Diana has been a performing musician for over 25 years, first as Diana and Liz Winn, then as a singing bass player for The Re-Bops and various other rock and roll, R&B, and blues bands. While her ability to play music was compromised by the loss of her right hand in 2000, she continues to find new ways to follow her callings, both as a songwriter and as a producer of recordings that let families relate, create, communicate, play, solve problems, and exercise imaginations.

 More on this from me later.


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