Comparing the cost and quality of care in Mass.

Quality of care has become health reform mantra. Some of the interest was triggerd by the long-awaited acknowledgement of variations in practice patterns — jargon for the fact that that doctors in one part of the country do twice as many, say, bypass operations than doctors in another part of the country.

In other words, in some places, they’re either doing too many or not enough.  (We suspect too many — see yesterday’s entry.)

Here in Massachusetts, the state has set up a consumer-friendly website that collects and coallates a lot of existing quality and cost measures. For example, I was able to find out that the gall bladder surgery at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital cost less than the state average.

So check out,  My Health Care Options.  If you have a limited insurance plan with high copayments, you may want to shop around.


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